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Alireza Masoomi (1980, Tehran)

Alireza Masoomi began his career as a self taught artist carving wooden figures. He entered the professional world of art after working for several years at Parviz Tanavoli’s studio. He has had several solo and group exhibitions both outside and inside Iran.

Masoomi’s work always reflects his feelings about the world he lives in. He is not interested in merely making objects but wants his work to present a critique of the conditions that negatively affect our lives. His work is a reaction to its context and the result of his lived experiences in a confused society, and as such they are full-length mirrors of the modern condition; yet the narratives they present do not have an expiration date. He deals with concepts that can be interpreted anew in a different time and place.

Alireza Masoomi’s work covers a wide range, from abstract, to figurative and even installation pieces. Perhaps the most important aspect of his work is its large scale; enormous structures that display the artist’s technical expertise and boldness of expression. Masoomi does not usually begin with a sketch but directly starts working with volume. This capability in imagining in three-dimensions allows him to visualize the work in combination with its context, which often gives his pieces the essence of site-specific art.

Solo Exhibition:

  • (Like canned food) etemad gallery 2015
  • (Azadi station) etemad gallery 2012
  • (Time) etemad gallery 2010

Group Exhibition:

  • Mahe mehr gallery 2019
  • Solook gallery 2018
  • (Niavaran Atelier) boom  gallery 2017
  • Shirin gallery 2013
  • Mohsen gallery 2013
  • House of artists 2013
  • (Tanavoli and third generation) farvahar gallery 2011
  • Hoor gallery 2011
  • Shirin gallery 2011
  • Medal of London group  exhibition 2012
  • London 2013
  • London 2014
  • paris 2014
  • Paris 2014
  • Paris 2015


  • (Bus project) DD museum
  • (Rhino project) DD museum